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Rechargeable Maglite Flashlight Parts (Halogen Bulb - Not the LED version)
The switch assembly inside of the Mag Charger flashlight is not available for sale.
Please contact Maglite directly at 800-283-5562 for more information on replacing this part.
201-191 no border.JPG Maglite Tailcap fits MagCharger & D Cell Flashlights that begin with "D" in S/N
Price: $10.55
105-002.jpg Rechargeable Maglite Face Cap / Reflector Assembly 105-000-002
Price: $27.45
108-207 no border.JPG Rechargeable Maglite Tailcap O-Ring, 108-000-207, 108-207
Price: $2.15
FLB-NCD-4_thumb.jpg Maglite Rechargeable 6V NiCD Battery Pack - Generic, FLB-NCD-4
Price: $15.50
108-601 no border.JPG Maglite Rechargeable MagCharger, C & D Bi-Pin Spare Bulb Protector
Price: $2.15
arxx075.jpg Maglite Rechargeable NiMh Battery Pack ARXX235
Price: $28.95
108-032 no border.JPG Maglite D Cell & Rechargeable Flashlight Battery Spring (108-032)
Price: $4.10
arxx088.jpg Rechargeable MagLite Charging Unit Base Bracket ARXX088, 108-000-440
Price: $2.95
108-557 no border.JPG Maglite Rechargeable System Switch Seal (108-557) White Stem
Price: $2.15
arxx185-barrel.jpg Charging Cradle for Rechargeable Maglite Flashlight, new ARXX185
Price: $24.40
108-643 no border.JPG Maglite Rechargeable System Switch Seal (108-643) Black Stem
Price: $2.15
arxx205-thumb.jpg MagLite 12V DC Auto Adaptor for the Rechargeable Maglite Flashlight
Price: $5.90
108-895 no border.JPG Maglite Rechargeable System Switch Seal for ESW Switch, 108-895
Price: $2.15
arxx195-thumb.jpg Mag-Lite 110 Volt AC Charger ARXX195
Price: $9.84
108-025 no border.JPG Maglite C, D & Rechargeable O-ring, Head 108-000-025, 108-025
Price: $2.15
arxx175-thumb.jpg 12V Straight Wire Adaptor for Rechargeable Mag Flashlight ARXX175
Price: $13.95
LR00001-Red.gif MagLite MagCharger Flashlight Replacement Bulb LR00001 - Halogen Lamp
Price: $4.99
arxx228.jpg Adapter for old connector of Maglite charging cradle, ARXX228
Price: $5.25
108-104 no border.JPG Mag Charger Rechargeable Reflector 108-000-104
Price: $27.65
arxx215u-thumb.jpg Maglite 230V European Adapter Rechargeable Flashlight, New Style Plug
Price: $14.27
108-060 no border.JPG Maglite Rechargeable Flashlight Replacement Glass Lens 108-000-060
Price: $6.50
ARXX26B.gif Traffic Wand for Maglite Rechargeable Flashlight, RED ARXX26B
Price: $2.95
405-051 no border.JPG Rechargeable Maglite Lens Seal, 405-000-051, 405-051
Price: $2.38
ARXX27B.gif Traffic Wand for Maglite Rechargeable Flashlight, WHITE ARXX27B
Price: $2.95
205-001 no border.JPG Rechargeable Maglite Replacement FaceCap 205-001
Price: $10.55
ARXX28B.gif Traffic Wand for Maglite Rechargeable Flashlight, YELLOW ARXX28B
Price: $2.95
108-020 no border.JPG MagCharger Rechargeable Flashlight Facecap, Lens & Lens Seal Assembly
Price: $12.88
TLE-310MR-EX.gif MiniStar31MR-EX LED Upgrade for Mag Charger TLE-310MR-EX
Price: $69.99