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Incandescent AA Mini Maglite Parts (non-LED)
The switch assembly inside of the AA MiniMag flashlight is not available for sale.
Please contact Maglite directly at 800-283-5562 for more information on replacing this part.
108-215.jpg AA Mini Maglite Tailcap Assembly 108-000-215, Black
Price: $7.00
108-616.jpg 2AA Mini Maglite / XL Series BLUE Plastic Lens 108-000-616, 108-616
Price: $2.15
108-205.jpg AA Mini Maglite Lip Seal for the Tailcap 108-000-205
Price: $2.10
108-045.jpg AA Mini Maglite O-Ring for Face Cap 108-045
Price: $2.10
108-062.jpg AA Mini Maglite Lamp Protector 108-062
Price: $2.10
203-004.jpg 2 AA Mini Maglite Face Cap, Black 203-004, 203-000-004
Price: $6.50
108-044.jpg AA Mini Maglite Battery Spring 108-044
Price: $4.00
408-022.jpg 2AA Mini Maglite and XL Series Anti-Roll Device / Lens Holder 408-022
Price: $4.30
108-042.jpg AA Mini Maglite O-Ring, for the barrel 108-042
Price: $2.10
408-017.jpg AA Mini Maglite Pocket Clip 408-017
Price: $3.94
108-211.jpg AA Mini Maglite Switch 108-211 NOT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE
Price: $0.00

Only available directly from Maglite.
Call 800-283-5562
408-018.jpg AA & AAA Mini Maglite Wrist Lanyard 408-018
Price: $2.44
lm2a001aa-aaapkg.jpg Maglite AA & AAA Mini Mag Replacement Lamp LM2A001, 107-000-619, 2/Card
Price: $1.98
luc2-07.gif Nite Ize LED Upgrade II Combo w/ Tailcap switch, LUC2-07
Price: $8.79
203-273.jpg AA Mini Maglite Head, Black 203-000-273, 203-273
Price: $7.15
tle-5ex.jpg TerraLUX MiniStar2 Extreme LED for Mini Mag, TLE-5EX
Price: $16.99
108-041.jpg AA Mini Maglite O-Ring for the Mini Mag head 108-041
Price: $2.10
lrb2-07.gif Nite Ize LED Upgrade II for AA Mini Maglite, LRB2-07
Price: $7.99
108-038.jpg AA Mini Maglite Reflector 108-000-038, 108-038
Price: $4.30
AM2A496.gif Mini Maglite AA Cell Mounting Brackets, AM2A496 108-000-540
Price: $2.95
108-046.jpg AA Mini Maglite Clear Plastic Lens 108-046
Price: $2.15
408-115.gif Maglite Mini Mag Original Open Top Holster 408-115
Price: $4.30
108-617.jpg Maglite 2 AA Mini Clear Glass Lens 108-000-617, 108-617
Price: $6.10
108-615.gif Maglite AA MiniMag Flashlight Infra-Red Lens With Holder
Price: $39.99
208-001.jpg 2AA Mini Maglite / XL Series RED Plastic Lens 208-001, 208-000-001
Price: $2.15
108-614.gif Maglite AA Mini Mag Flashlight Night Vision Green Lens With Holder
Price: $29.99